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Welcome to our News Page:

May  2017:

Back to school and I thought we might get a breather after the busy holidays.  Last week was so busy with farm walks, a lesson from my riding instructor (yes, even at 77 you can improve if you have a wonderful friend like Gaylene Bollard to teach you) and a clicker instructor (Bex Tasker all the way from Tauranga) who is improving our trick horses to a more professional standard.  My Parelli instructor Jane Cook is teaching Gaylene and me liberty these days and over the winter we will be attending her winter courses which are wonderful.   My aim is to keep learning about horses and donkeys for the rest of my life.  Was it 117 a lady got to recently....!    Ah, I can dream on!

Friday we had 33 from the Avondale Probus visit us and it poured the whole time they were here.  We tried our alternative programme which is where I give a talk on the Kaimanawa Wiild Horses and how I trained our horse, Arani, from wild to the adorable boy he is now.  Then I showed a film of them mustering the horses in the ranges last year, played the piano a little and provided a plated lunch.   They were such a lovely group and they say they are coming again so that is exciting.

The picture below was drawn by Mitya Pechorin after he had gone home from his visit here.   I was so pleased to see this picture and the most important things to him were obviously the four-wheeler, which most boys prefer to the horses, and the large chicken and egg. There were a few more eggs in the barn you didn't see Mitya!

We have two new members to the animal farm - given to us by Colin Schimdt of Hunua.  They are lovely alpacas who are quite chatty in a soft musical way.   Cavalier is cream and very happy to eat out of our hands.  Krueger is a rich mahogany and likes to sum us up like our others do before coming forward.  Alpacas are the easiest of all farm animals to keep and so gentle.

Lynn Collecutt.