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Teddy no longer lives in a cage.
Teddy arrives for breakfast & dinner daily by our dining door.


The Clevedon Farmers Market is so busy these days, the poor horses are showing their tiredness and at about 11.15 a.m. I am searching for the ones that can stand to come out yet again until 12 o'clock.  I like the horses to have half to three-quarters of an hour at a time but Star and Shadow plod along endlessly without any signs saying they have had enough.  Dannyboy and Merlin have been telling me quite definitely that we should finish sooner.  How other people make only two or three horses last, I don't know.  We have eight and I worry about them and I think they know it and try it on.

Our new foals - Becky and Fleur are coming on a real treat.  Becky who is half the size of Fleur is the definite boss and is quite a character.  She bites and kicks if you are not careful though it is becoming less regular.  She will be 1 year old on the 25th of this month.  Fleur is just a sweetie and takes it all without malice.  She is only six months and will be 15.2h.h. when she is fully grown whereas Becky will be around 10 h.h. I took Becky into the arena and trained her with some of the basics and she stopped all playing up and did everything perfectly - even stood still for sometime and waited for my next command.  It showed me that she will be naughty if I don't keep her challenged.

Please note our front page of this website for details in pink of what is on each day.  It is especially useful for you to know if we are going to the farmers market.   Just phone (09) 292-9231 if you want to know anything I can help you with.  The old phone number is now cut off as it was rarely working properly.

Hope to see you here soon.

Lynn Collecutt.



Tiffany produced a lovely girl foal on 25th October.  I hope you will come and see her.  She can be a little skite roaring around the paddock at only weeks old bucking and carrying on for our notice.  It was funny because Brittany, our granddaughter, went to get all the horses in and she came back to me and said "they won't come as they are all gathered around Tiffany and her foal". I said "foal, she is not due to have her foal for another month" but there she was without any human help bright as anything.  Whew, what a relief.  So being Brittany who found her we had to find a name starting with 'B' and so she is called Becky.

Rebecca Tasker and I have just made up a little show for people to see in the summer months.  We have Merlin, fetching squeaky toys, Casper doing the Spanish walk, Jodi jumping through hoops, Tiffany and Becky - well I don't know what yet! - Star doing his usual on a stand and Dannyboy saluting.  Sally the sheep may bounce a ball back - you never know!   Whatever, they are having fun and I think you will enjoy the antics.

After 4 months of me not riding Bella she has commenced again like a real angel.  Took her to Waitawa Regional Park and enjoyed the stunning views without having to think about my horse playing up so I guess now that she is 8 years old I can say she is properly 'broken in" - what horrible words.  She is now gentled to a stage where we are a partnership.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Lynn Collecutt.