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August 2017:

Spring is on its way with daffodils, snowdrops, calves, lambs etc.

Trevor, our Gotland sheep has been given to us because he thought he was a human being and Linda and Gary of Hunua couldn't contain him behind a fence.  It took a week of training and now he stays with the sheep.   He is so clever.  I run him up and down the driveway next to the four-wheeler.  He would sit on the seat with me if I would let him.  I have great ideas of training him for our shows for senior citizens.  I have had sheep jumping through hoops down in the Manawatu before we shifted up here so it shouldn't be too hard.

Ziggy, our black and white pinto horse is proving amazing with handicapped clients.  A few days ago she coped with a tall, heavily built adult yelling on top of her and banging one leg on the side of her without any concerns.   I was leading her and telling her quietly that she was the best horse in the world to reassure her.  What horses put up with always amazes me.

Well, off to clean out the chook house.  There is never a day without something to do here but I love it.


Teddy no longer lives in a cage.
Teddy arrives for breakfast & dinner daily by our dining door.
September 2017:

Here I am with a torn shoulder tendon wishing I could get out and do some training of the ponies and Trevor the sheep but am stuck at my desk doing admin.
Dear Shadow, our chocolate coloured donkey, who has been ever so clever in the past by going into various churches at Easter and being on TV a couple of times, decided to make a run for it last Saturday when we decided to put him back in a paddock which didn't have much grass. ... Hence, my damaged shoulder for trying to change his mind. 
I cannot get to see the shoulder specialist until October so it's inside for me for awhile.  Hayley, my main assistant, plus others who help at the Farmer's market, will be keeping everything going so I am lucky in that way.

Casper, (to the left) our 2 year old miniature horse, is just about ready to get the birthday cards out of the letterbox for the children's parties which is so good.  Merlin was going so well in his training - staying on a mat while I walked all around the arena which is like what I used to do in my dog obedience days - 40 years ago!! Never thought I would have a horse doing this, let alone have Clevedon Animal Farm.

I so look forward to resuming training and chatting to you when you visit.

Lynn Collecutt.

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