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The rush is over and my husband, Colin, seems a bit better after his 10 days in hospital.  Hayley and the girls managed very well while I was absent - even got a 5 star commendation from Google for a children's party while I was visiting Colin.
Some people want to bring their own food for the birthday parties we hold which is fine and will cost $10 less than the listed figure.

This year I want to do more Senior visits probably because I am in that age range myself and I do enjoy their visits so much.  We provide morning tea and I play the piano and then get my horses to do a little performance out from where they are having their morning tea or if it is raining I give a talk about our animals and the Kaimanawa horse, Arani, we have.

I took my riding horse, Bella, to a clicker course held by Bex Tasker at Whitford last weekend.  You can always learn something new even if you study it all the time.  Bella and I enjoyed the weekend. 

I offered Bex my dear Timor pony - Blue, to have for her son.  After the course, Bex came to collect him and he limped out of the paddock with laminitis.  Oh, I felt so embarrassed and sad.  He has never been as bad as that.  Bex decided to go through with taking him and amidst tears, I saw him off.  He has always been the loveliest natured pony you could have but he was quite slow and the girls preferred to use others that would move faster.  He loved clicker training and would forget about going slow when I trained him.  Bex is the best trainer I could have to take him so he should be very happy in his new home in Tauranga.

Today I did the farriering on four of my donkeys' feet.  I had Shadow's hooves done professionally because he gives hundreds of rides at the Clevedon Farmers Market on Sundays.  By doing this myself I saved over a $100 which these days is so necessary as everything to do with farming is so expensive.  I see I need to call our friendly fencer, Craig McLeod, to replace another 3 posts the horses have had fun with breaking at ground point. 

Do come and see us for a farm visit.  Incidentally, we are a farm, not a "farm park" which lots of people call us.  Our farm is a place where we have animals to support our family.  Our daughterinlaw farms main en jou cows to show and bring in money by selling stud bulls.  I have various animals to attract visitors and pay for their feed, farm maintenance and our food.

Parks are more glamourous and generally owned by wealthy people or organisations which can have extensive lawns and gardens with large carparks etc. and people can come and go most of the time.

Sorry, we survive on what you pay us and try to keep the place attractive and care for the animals we love.  We do everything by booking because we have to have time to go to banks, do shopping, visit the vets, keep medically fit ourselves and have a day off when possible.  I love my job but it "aint" one that you make heaps of money even though some people complain that $10 for a pony ride is far too much!

Enjoy this summer weather.  Swimming and horse riding are the best!
Just phone (09) 292-9231 if you want to know anything I can help you with. 

Lynn Collecutt.

Bella is better!