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AUGUST 2019:
Gina, who is now living here, has been coming up with some brilliant ideas.  You should see a great improvement in my Facebook in the next few days and eventually the website will be brought up to date too. 

                                (Fleur, Gina & Merlin)
Gina has suggested we hold Unicorn parties for little girls using Jodi, our white Timor pony.  We will have two fairies to adorn the parties too.  We are just in the initial stages but it should be like a fairy tale party when we get going.   At the moment Jodi is covered in mud as she, like all the rest, love rolling in the mud especially if we have made a good effort on getting them clean and nicely groomed!!

We have been asked to do horse riding lessons again.  It has been 18 years that I have said "no" and the reason I have not done this is that I love my horses too much to have their mouths pulled around by inexperienced riders.  Over the years I have done a multitude of courses myself and I do have Level 3 Parelli so I have started a 4 lesson basic course at 9.30 a.m. for an hour on Saturday mornings.  The cost is $175 for 4 lessons or $50 per hour.  If you are interested, give me a call on (09)292-9231 and if I am unable to answer, please leave your phone number twice so I can call you back. 

The Clevedon Farmers Market is going well when the weather allows us to go.  We have two sets of staff coming fortnightly so it is easier for me to organise.  We are there from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and in the next half hour we are cleaning up.  In September we will have cards of the horses for sale at $5 each and calendars of all our horses and donkeys for next year which hopefully will be good Christmas presents.  We took some photos today and wait until you see the one of Merlin who is a pale palomino, covered in mud with a big line of hay hanging from his mouth.  Normally calendars have pristine horses on them but this one is going to be "ah la naturale".  Rarely are our horses prestine but I can say they are happy.  It would be nice to be both.

That's enough from me.  Thanks for reading.