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MAY 2019:

What a beautiful autumn we have had.  Heather took a couple of lovely photos of our autumn leaves on the ground with Tiffany and Becky with us.  The colouring of these chesnut and white horses on the golden leaves is lovely.  This is one of the photos we will have in the calendar we are organising for 2020.  If you want one of our horses calendar, let me know and I will keep it aside for you when they arrive.

We have had two Probus groups this last month and they seemed to really enjoy their visits.  We have Summerset Retirement Village visiting us this Friday.  I love having these groups come as I can give our little horses a chance to perform for them.  I do play the piano for these groups and tell the odd joke while they are enjoying their morning tea.  I guess it is because these people are of the same era as I am that makes it all the more enjoyable for me.

Family farm walks and pony rides have been very popular especially on Saturdays.  I almost need two extended golf carts to take everyone down the farm.

Jodi, our white Timor pony, has been suffering from laminitis this past fortnight with all the lush new grass.  This means locking her in the yards most of the time and only allowing her out for just a few hours.  She is definitely improving thank goodness. 

Tomorrow two of my girls and I are taking 4 woolpacks of wood shavings down to the yards at the A & P showgrounds for our animals at the Clevedon Farmers Market on Sundays.  Every Sunday we give over a 100 rides to children - many children come every week.  We put on our front page of the website in pink down at the bottom right hand side whether the weather forecast says it is fine enough for us to go to the market or not.   We get this there by 8 a.m. each Sunday morning.  Linden, our yachting friend, is as reliable as you can get for forecasting the weather.  Sometimes he says it is doubtful whether it will be fine enough and then I make the decision as to whether we go or not.  I do get it wrong at times.

Winter is  coming but we are still working so book your parties, farm walks and pony rides and we will do our best for you.


Bella is better!