What happens if the weather is wet?
We can cope with showers as we have some shelter
but a complete downpour means we have to cancel
the actual show as it is held in an outside amphitheatre.

Do we have to pay for toddlers?
Under 2 years of age are free.

What happens to our deposit if cancelled?
The deposit is refunded if the weather or you let
us know in time.

How do we pay?
By cash, cheque, eftpos or direct credit.
Account details given at booking.
Balance of payment at the end of the party.

Can we bring a bus up the driveway?
A normal size bus is fine.  Not a bendy bus.

How many adults needed to supervise the children?
We require adults to supervise group bookings -
minimum 1 per 8 in addition to our own staff.

Do we get our deposit refunded if we don't come?
If you do not let us know you are not coming we
do not refund the deposit.

How long do the programmes take?
It depends a lot on numbers but generally about 2 hours
for group visits but about an hour for farm walks and rides.
Giving rides is the one which alters the length of time involved.

Is a pony ride available after the show or farm walk?
Yes, it is.

Is there a sheltered place where we could bring party food?
Yes, there is.

Are there toilets available?
Yes, there are.

Why is there a goose blocking us on the driveway?
This is Snowy the goose who thinks that he is in charge of controlling the traffic on the drive.  But don't worry, he is really quite friendly.  Just keep driving slowly and he will get out ot the way.

If you have a question not answered here, please contact us.

Ponies waiting at the field gate for the kids
Everyone comes to greet us at the gate
School bus bring students to the farm
Children looking at ponies in field
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Childrens party and pony
Palmino pony entertaining the children
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