NEW VENTURE - CHILDREN'S FARMYARD  -   plus the always popular pony rides:

Every time we come to the Market from December onwards we will be bringing some of the animals we use at home for the family farm walks we do. 

The animals we will be bringing will be Stanley and Buster the huge fat sheep - Oreo and Zoro the Arapawa lambs - Starsky and Smooch the goats, Cocoa and Honey the mini-lop rabbits and our latest beautiful Angora Bunny, Teddy.  Max and Maestro the miniature ponies and Shadow the gentle chocolate donkey will be permanent residents.  We have chickens with their mothers and possibly a calf.  Each week it depends who is at the gate first to come.  The donkeys all want to come and it is a tussle to get out of the farm gate with just a few.    You actually walk through the pens and can pet the animals.

We take a minimum of seven horses and two donkeys each time for the pony rides.  The ponies and donkeys have a meal before they start and are on the job for about half to three-quarters of an hour each when they are given a break to have a drink and hay if they wish.  

We now have to take a minimum of five trips in the float to get everyone there which makes it a long day.  

Children who come to the market regularly often choose the same pony each time.   I know there are several photos of Star and Dannyboy on children's bedroom walls.   Even Shadow, the donkey, has a following.   One child has him on his pillowslip.

The fees at the Market now are:   $10 for a ride and visit to the FARMYARD
                                                   $20 for 3 rides and visit to the FARMYARD 
                                                      ( these fees include one parent free.)

The fees for the FARMYARD alone are $5 per child, $2 for adults and $12 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children. 
(A Petting Zoo down country told me that we were far too cheap to make it worthwhile!  We will try to keep it as low as possible for our wonderful market.)

Hope you enjoy our animals on your next visit to the Clevedon Farmers Market.


Feeding the ponies and donkey
Children looking at ponies in field
Clevedon Animal Farm Logo
Childrens party and pony
Palmino pony entertaining the children
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