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Palmino pony entertaining the children
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Summer Shows

Bella - Lynn's Riding Horse - is the lead mare
Arani, the Kaimanawa, came straight from the hills
Dannyboy is a Welsh show horse - everybody's favourite
Merlin is Dannyboy's younger brother - a real sweetie
Caramel - As he has attached himself to Hayley, she is training him now.
Tiffany is a bit of a rogue, very clever
Jodi is Blue's twin sister and is one of our most popular ponies
Star is a miniature horse.  For his 10 years he must have given 10,000 rides!
Casper is 3 years old in January and has learnt to get the birthday cards out of the letterbox, and he loves it.
Max - a real neat guy.Wonderful for toddlers.
Shadow - our lead donkey is mainly good but often bad! But we still love him.
Cassie is our oldest member and nearly 30 years of age, and behaves when she's on her own, but often led astray by Shadow.
Sienna - tries to follow Shadow but is too kind to succeed
Gina - the sweetest possible donkey
Jesse - the son of Gina - but not quite so angelic